Welcome to California Drilling Fluids, INC.

California Drilling Fluids, INC. has emerged as a major player in the Drilling fluids sector by contributing to each operator’s successful Drilling operations through unique and personalized customer service and operational excellence in all drilling environments. California Drilling Fluids, INC. offers all the support and capabilities of a major service company, yet is operated as a personalized independent. California Drilling Fluids, INC. is focused on supplying a quality product at absolutely the best price for its customers.

about our company

  • Open 24/7
  • Established 2-1-96
  • Largest independent supplier of kcl and cc water in california.
  • Cdf is ifo since 2-1-96.
  • Cdf has zero osha violations or infractions.
  • Vac trucks are loaded without delays or waiting times.
  • Kcl water is loaded and measured by digital meters.
  • Current customers: California Resources Corporation, Aera, Exxon, Seneca, and Baker Hughes.

Our Products

  • Kcl water 22% (potassium chloride)
  • Cc water) – 11.6# per gal (calcium chloride)
  • Brine water – 10# per gal (sodium chloride)
  • Barite – 100# sacks
  • Bentonite – 100# sacks
  • Desco – 25# sacks
  • Amber 1200 – 5 gal pail
  • Hec polymer – 5 gal pail
  • Blending fee
  • Trucking/delivery